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Chinese Acrobatics Shows in Beijing

Acrobatic Shows in Beijing are worth seeing shows which includes tumblers, gymnasts, contortionists spinning plates, hoops and etc. Acrobatic Shows are spectacular and will let to holding your breath and gasping with “ooh” and “ah”

Chinese Acrobatic Show

Chinese acrobatic shows combines both physical and spiritual which the acrobat’s immense athletic strength, a perfect balancing and timing by focusing on the mind and the body. 

History and Achievements of Chinese Acrobatic

Acrobatic is a traditional Chinese performing art with a long rich and heritage for more than 2000 years, which is respected and admired in the modern world.

  • Warring States Period (475-221 BC)- The appearance of rudiments of acrobatics.
  • Han Dynasty (221 BC-200 AD)-This time acrobatics enjoyed a boom in developments. Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty loved the art very much and would hold grand shows featuring acrobatics, music and dance.
  • Tang Dynasty(618-907)-The number of acrobats greatly increased and their performing skills much improved. Even with the popularity of Chinese acrobatic in the ancient times, the acrobats never performed in theatres. Nevertheless, in 1949 the people’s government began establishing national arts.
    Now, acrobatics experienced a boost brought about by inter-cultural exchanges between China, America, Europe and other part of the world making it easier for acrobatic tropes to travel around to perform and share with the rest of the world Chinese acrobatics.

Traditional Chinese Acrobatic Shows

The Chinese acrobatic shows is based on the following acts; Lion Dance, Cycling Feats,Tight-Wire Feats, Hoop Diving,Wushu, Spring-Board Stunt, Meteor Juggling ,Traditional-Style Conjuring and Gymnastics on Double-Fixed Poles.


Where to See Acrobatic Shows in Beijing

Wansheng Acrobatic Theatre (万胜剧场) -Located west of the Temple of Heaven.

Qianmen Dajie (前门大街)

Universal Theatre (Heaven and Earth Theatre) (天地剧场)

Chaoyang Theatre (潮阳剧场)



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