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Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera all known as Peking Opera is one of the major cultural attractions in China which represent the finest combination of music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics which can be traced back in the 18th century.

Beijing Opera, Peking Opera

Beijing Opera which is over 200 years was originated from Xi Pi and Er Huang melodies from the base of it arias from the Hubei and Anhui provinces respectively, and became popular in the mid-nineteenth century when it was patronized by the Qing Dynasty court in the capital, Beijing.


Face painting in Chinese Opera are the representations of roles being played by each artist. Speaking of red face usually depicts heroic bravery, uprightness and loyalty, with white face representing a sinister, treacherous and guile character, while stubbornness, impetuosity and lack of self-restraint go for the green.

Arias-Beijing Opera is also known as “Pi Huang Opera” from the Xipi and Erhuang melodies which are indicated by Ban and Yan. The Accented or Strong beat is the Ban whiles the unaccented or week beat is the Yan.Tunes like Sipingdiao from Sichuan Opera, Gaobozi an Chuiqiang from Anhui are also used in Beijing Opera

Theme for Beijing Opera is based on political and military struggle of historical events, popular fiction and Chinese legends with over 1,000 storylines.

Costumes for Beijing Opera is called Xingtou or Xifu which originated back in the mid-14th century which impress audience with the bright colors and magnificent embroidery.The use of colors indicate different social status: yellow for the imperial family, red for high nobility, red or blue for upright men, white for old officials, and black for each role. A student usually wears a blue gown, a general wears padded armor, and an emperor wears a dragon robe. Besides gorgeous clothes and headdresses, jewelry girdles for men and hair ornaments for women are also used in Beijing Opera.

Roles are divided into four: Sheng, Dan, Jing, and Chou.

Famous Actors and Actresses of Beijing Opera

MEI Lan-Fang (1894 - 1961)-Beijing Opera Master 

TAN Xin-Pei (1847 - 1917) – He played the role of LaoSheng and also he is the founder of Tan Style.

MA Lian-Liang (1901 - 1966) – Male player and also founder of MA Style. 

ZHOU Xin-Fang (1895 - 1975) 

YAN Ju-Peng (1890 - 1942) 

SHANG Xiao-Yun (1899 - 1976) 

CHEN Yan-Qiu (1904 - 1958) - His playing style was recognized as CHEN Style. 

XUN Hui-Sheng (1899 - 1968) A Qing Yi and Hua Dan player and his performing style was entitled XUN Style.  

ZHANG Jun-Qiu- A female role Qing Yi performer  

QIU Sheng-Rong (1915 - 1971)- A great Jing player and the founder of QIU Style.


 Some popular Beijing Opera Theatre in Beijing 

Beijing Opera

There are many theatres in Beijing offering Beijing or Peking Opera Shows but Beijing Opera Theatre, Tianqiao Theare, Chang'an Grand Theatre and the Liyuan Theatre are the best


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