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New Year Day Holiday in China

Happy New Year!

'Happy New Year'!  You will hear that greeting again and again for at least the first couple of weeks as a New Year gets under way, although, in China, it is still less important than the Chinese Lunar New Year festival.

New Year's Day is a grand occasion for the Chinese people, and they celebrate the New Year like people all over the world. In China, three days statutory holiday is allocated for this holiday.

Since ancient times, the day has been called 'Yuandan' by the Chinese. 'Yuan' means 'at the beginning'. 'Dan' means 'day', so joined together the words mean 'first day of a year'. For 3,000 years, China has greeted Yuandan with joyous ceremonies.

How Chinese People Celebrate the New Year Day

The time of the celebrations varies around the world, due to the different longitudes upon which countries lie in the world. China is the 12th country to celebrate the event and the people are rewarded with three day’s vacation.

All kinds of festive programs are presented on TV, and organizations and schools hold parties to let everyone enter into the jubilant atmosphere of the festival.

Sincere good wishes are reflected by people’s smiles and wonderful performances at parties. Great hopes for an excellent year are embedded in everyone’s mind.

New Year Day Cultures Compared with Chinese Lunar New Year Festival

Not as important as the holiday of the Chinese lunar New Year festival;

People not travel home to have reunion dinners with their families, but they do that during the Chinese lunar New Year festival;

During the New Year Day Holiday, people prefer to celebrate the New Year with colleagues and friends in the city they are living, while during the Chinese lunar New Year festival, they would try their best to go home and spend the festival with their families and old friends in their hometown;

People celebrating both of the festivals in the following ways: eating feast, setting off firecrackers, hanging out with friends and hanging red lanterns, but the festival atmospheres during the lunar New Year is more typical and traditional than the New Year day.

Recommended Beijing Tours of New Year Day Holiday

Planning to visit Beijing China after your 2011 Christmas Holiday? Here are the most recommended Beijing tours for your New Year Holiday.

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BJH-P-03: 3 Days Beijing Essence Tour Package

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Features: Our 3 days Beijing city break unlocks the secrets of the capital of the most populous country on earth. Join us to get under the ancient skin of this rapidly developing city, experience local life and customs and be amazed by the food and vibrant culture of today's China.

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