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What to Pack for your Trip to Beijing

After years in the tourism business, together with the suggestions from our clients, we've been able to compiled a great deal of packing tips to share with the rest of our clients.

Create a list of Items to Pack

Rather trying to figure out what to pack for your trip to Beijing, create a list of items that you may in need for this trip, since a packing list does not only ensures that, you won’ forget anything important but also prevent you from over packing and also cut down on your expenses on baggage fees. Note: You must modify the list depending on the trip you’ are going

Essential Materials


Take along your passport which is valid 6 months after date of travel

International Drivers Permit (but may need Chinese Driving Permit)

Credit Cards, ATM cards


Location Maps

Airline Tickets

Travel Insurance

Car rentals and Hotel reservation confirmations

Security and Keeping Details Safe

Scan and store your passport, passport photos and paper tickets (if not the e type) in, emergency “lost card” telephone numbers or where to go when your Credited card or ATM card is lost or Stolen in your e-mail account. This way, if you lose everything, you will still have the immediate access to this import information.

Also carrying too much money, all in one place is dangerous; it necessary to spread it around your pockets or keep it in a safe box in your hotel.

Clothes to Pack

Before planning your trip to Beijing or any other city in China, you must first check what the weather is going to be like; this will help you know the kind of clothes to pack for the trip, which you can find out from the internet or travel advisor.

Outfit Ideas for Women

3-4 wash and wear casual outfit including jeans 

Pairs of conservative shorts for warm climate 

1-2 suit or dress

1-2 pairs of Shoes

1 Sweater

A rain Coat or umbrella or beach over

Underwear’s and socks

Sleep wear

Assorted accessories

Outfit Ideas for Men

Sport shirt, t-shirts

A dress outfit(pants, coat, shirt, tie to dress up a shirt)

2-3 Pairs of informal slacks or jeans

Walking shoes

A pair of comfortable dress shoes, plus appropriate pair of socks


Bathing suits

Underwear and socks

Sleep wear

Outfit Ideas based on Weather

Spring: Spring in Beijing starts from March to May at a temperature (F) of 50-71.6. The best outfit is Western suites, Jackets, Sports Coats, Woolen Jackets, Long Sleeves and Travel Shoes.

Summer: The outfit for summer in Beijing is T-Shirt, Short Sleeves, Sandals, Cap, and rain wear and so on.

Autumn: Between September and November, Western suites, Jackets, Sports Coats, Woolen Jackets, Long Sleeves and Travel Shoes.

Winter: Between December and February, Overcoat, thick woolen sweaters, lined coats; in northern China, cap, gloves and cotton-padded shoes.


Converter: for heating appliances and adaptor plugs.

Cameras, alarm clock, razor and batteries

Electrical appliances built for use in American homes may be damaged if plugged into Chinese sockets. Most of the Hotels in Beijing provide converts, but try to get one which can reduces the high overseas voltage (220-240 volts)


First Aid Kit Packing list

See your physician and ask for your prescription medication just in case you are questioned in Customs.

Headache medication such as Tylenol or Advil, Diarrhea/nausea medication, Diamox, Band aids, Anti-bacterial ointment, Alcohol swabs, Hydrogen peroxide, Cotton swabs, bandages, nail scissors.

Tips on Packing 

Steps for Alternative Folding Method

1. Start off buttoning the bottom

2. Lay and put finger about an inch from the collor, fold to form straight line that look like this..

3. Lay tie completely unfolded and place t-shite at the point where you want to fold the dress

4. Fold over the dress,shirt to end up this

5. Lay the slacks and put t-shirt at the point of folding.

6. Put another t-shit on top and fold the half of the pants over the t-shirt

7. Flip over your pants, so the waist band is face up. Place another t-shirt where you want to fold the waist band over the rest of the pants. Fold. You should end up with three folds in your pants with t-shirts in between each fold.

Steps for Fold and Roll Method

If the alternate folding method isn’t your thing, you can always go with the traditional fold and roll method.

    1. Roll up garments that don’t wrinkle as easily. These include t-shirts,underwear, jeans, and cotton slacks.

    2. Fold garments like dress slacks, dress shirts, and dress coats.

    3. Place the rolled up garments on the bottom of the bag. Then place the folded garments on top.

    4. Place shoes, socks, and your Dopp kit along the sides of the bag.

Have a question about your Beijing trip planning? Simply tell us your travel ideas and we will handle the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details.

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