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Beijing Travel Insurance

Beijing will delight you with its gorgeous imperial palaces and exciting modern landmarks, and your visit will be rewarding and exciting. However, something unexpected things always happen without any precaution. Thus, to minimize unplanned damage and loss, travel insurance is a safeguard.

A Travel Insurance is necessary?

We strongly recommend that our clients purchase travel insurance before departure on a China Beijing tour guard against unforeseen circumstances.

Although we do everything possible to ensure your security, we couldn’t control the natural mishap or other people’s negligence, such as, flight cancellation, money loss, loss of baggage (one of our clients arrived in Beijing while his luggage was on its way to Timbuktu…), etc.

Why a Travel Insurance?

The reason you should get travel insurance before you travel to Beijing or anywhere in the world is not because you may get ill, kidnapped or stuck by snowstorm or whatever, but because getting travel insurance purchases peace of mind for friends and family back home, and leave you free to go and do as you please in this amazing city and country.

By purchasing travel insurance, you can relax, knowing that you can deal with any things that may occur.

What included in a Travel Insurance?

Most travel insurance companies offer Trip Cost Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, emergency medical transport and medical expense insurance.

Things included in your travel insurance:

* Medical Expenses, including emergency evacuation

* Compensation for cancellation, curtailment, or delays

* Legal assistance

* Loss or theft of money

* Compensation in the case of death, disablement and injury


Other Specials:

* Dangerous sports

* Pregnancy

* Pre-exsiting medical conditions

* Drug or alcohol use

Recommended Travel Insurance Companies

For a quick quote at reasonable prices, we highly recommend the travel insurance company of

Their experienced team bring high levels of customer service, extensive international underwriting expertise and excellent technical delivery, making them the number one choice for many of the world's leading travel brands such as Lonely Planet and Nat Geo Adventure.

What kind of travel insurance offered by the travel agency?

The insurance most travel agency offer you is called Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance, regulated by the China National Tourism Administration. Under this plan, you will receive compensation for personal or property losses, injury, or damage incurred during the guided tour.

However, this insurance does not cover mishaps or physical problems occurring outside the guided tour period or caused by you.

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