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Internet Access when touring Beijing

Whether you are in Beijing for Tour or for Business, residential and so on, one of the questions often asked is "are you staying connected". "Staying connected" means connecting with your families and friends through the internet.

Surprisingly, it is not all hard to surf the net in Beijing, since Beijing once boasted of more internet bars and free Wi-Fi than many European cities.

Internet Access when touring Beijing

Free Wifi in Beijing

Free Wi-Fi "My Beijing"

Since 2011, Beijing had made experiments to offer the public Wifi at the eleven crowd places, including Wangfujing, Xidan, Zhongguangcun, Olympic Park, Chaoyang Park, Solana, Financial Street, Beijing Train Station, Beijing West Train Station and South Train Station. So far, few places can not connect to Wifi because of weak signal, and most of places can connect to free Wifi with your mobile phone, iPad and notebook computer. Until 2017, Beijing will spread the area of free Wifi to over 400 public places.

Access Method of "My Beijing"

1. Search the free Wifi "My Beijing" in mobile terminal, and click to connect;
2. Input your phone number at the input box of (用户登入),and click the bottom of (短信获取密码);the password will be sent to your massage;
3. Write the password and click the bottom of (登入), and then you can use the free WLAN network;

Note: If you can not search the Wifi "My Beijing", that means the signal is weak at your place; if you input the passwork, but can not connect to the net, that is because the signal is not unstable; the validity of the password is 3 hours, which means you nead to get the password again if you can not connect to the net in 3 hours.

Free Wifi on the Public Bus

Since 2013, Beijing Public Bus Company started to offer free Wifi for passanger. On most of public buses, it can be nomally connect to the net and watch videos on Youku and Leshi.

Free Wifi on Public Bus of Beijing

360 Free Wifi

There are hundreds of thousands of WIFI wireless hotspots in the streets of Beijing. You can download the safe 360 client software and use it to connect with the free wifi.

Where to Surf the Net in Beijing


Almost all hotels in Beijing provide High-Speed Internet Access , and you’ll find it as an opportunity to connect to the net throughout the entire hotel both the lobby and guest rooms.

But we expect you to read all the fine print before deciding which hotel to stay, since some provide free high-speed internet access in public areas and guest room. On the other way round, some may charge for it about RMB10 to RMB100. So don't forget to consider internet access as one of the search criteria when booking a hotel.


In today’s fast-paced world, missing your e-mail or headlines is never an option, but finding yourself in Beijing, as we mention it not all that hard to find a comfortable place to surf the internet. For instance, Cybercafés, which is known as 网吧(Wang ba) although it has been reduced by the government, due to much publicised accidents, but you can still find enough and it’s much cheaper between RMB2-5 per hour.

Getting Your Own Broadband Internet in Beijing

Installation of Broadband internet in Beijing requires a passport and a Xerox copy of your passport. Although you're technically required to register with the Public Security Bureau before you can open an account. For the cost, we take the 20M of China Unicom IPTV as an example. Its access fee is RMB300 and monthly usage fee is RMB30.

Use VPN to Connect Gmail Email

If you can not enter into your Gmail Email or use the Google search, that is not the problem of your notebook. You need to buy a VPN account from authentic website, such as Express VPN and set up it after easy steps.

Major Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Beijing

Beijing Bike Electronics Technologies Co.Ltd.
Location: No.30,Baishiqiao Lu,Beijing 100081
Tel: 010-6217-6468,6217-4433 Ext. 2251, Fax: 6217-6468

Eastnet China Ltd. (joint venture with the Ministry of Communications)
Location: 11 Jian Nei Avenue, East Building, Suite 516
Tel: 010-6529-2268, Fax. 6529-2265

International United Online Ltd.
Location: Asia Games Village, Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-6492-3076,6492-3077, Fax: 6492-2920

Some other Beijing ISPs
China Golden Bridge
NewsGuide Internet
Read Online
Midwest Corporation
Ying Hai Wei
Hong Ji
Hong Jiu Zhou
Shi Gi Hu Lian
Sai Bei Er

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