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Tips and FAQs on Hotel Booking in Beijing

Booking an accommodation is the big deal when planning a Beijing tour. Read the hotel booking tips and faqs before your reservation.

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1. Do I need to book a hotel in advance?
(Because many people and guides say that I can bargain for the price when I book in desk).

Never pull this trick!

You’d better book an accommodation in advance if you are the first-time traveler to Beijing, because you will know where to go in the taxi or airport shuttle bus when you arrive in Beijing if you book in advance.

In addition, there is a hotel booking desk for new arrivals from foreign countries at Beijing Capital Airport. That may be an option if you really want to wait till you arrive.

One more thing, you may be asked to pay more than the price on the internet, because many front desks on longer have the authority to offer the same discounted and sale prices available on the internet.

Beijing Hotel

2. The location really matters when booking a hotel?
When touring Beijing, you must hope that your stay is nice, clean, modern, chic-décor, safe and has walking distance to some shops and restaurants so that you will never be bored at night.

In Beijing, location is quite important, as location can drastically affect traffic and transportation. In some areas, the traffic is bad (mostly on the East side). Also, some areas are less accessible by public transportation, so unless you plan to have a car/driver or take taxis at all times. So, location can be a very important factor in your decision making. You can stay near a subway, the modern area with a bit of night life within the 2nd ring road.

3. Do the stars and branding matter?
Branding is most likely less important than stars, but well-known international hotel chains often have the highest quality service and rooms. The 3 star above are all westernized, able to accommodate a family of 4, clean, comfortable and have a bit of luxury. There are just some of the reasons you will love staying in Beijing City. Search on the Beijing hotels page for what suits your fancy, from a five star hotel to camping under a blanket of stars. Beijing has got you covered.

4. Does the hotel take my credit card?
Yes, most hotels take credit cards and traveler checks for payment.

5. How long will it take to respond to my reservation request?
We will respond you within 0.5~23.5 hours.

Beijing Hotel

6. Can I confirm a non-smoking hotel room?
Most four and five stars hotel have non-smoking rooms, while in those lower ranking hotels, there is no guarantee.

7. Can I exchange money in the hotel, and how about the charge fee?
Most of our customers have their money exchange in the hotel, because the exchange rate is almost the same compared to banks. It’s more convenient and safer.

8. Should I Tipping?
No tipping in China.

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