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Chinese Visa

Is A Chinese Visa Necessary?

Chinese Visa

Absolutely Yes!

Chinese visa is a must permit for Beijing tours, whichi issued by Chinese authorities to non-Chinese citizens for entry into, exit from and transit through China. American citizens and citizens of most countries are required to obtain a China visa before entering China, whether for travelling, business, pleasure, relative visit, or study.


Where can I get the Visa?

Chinese Visa

You can obtain a China visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country, while it is more convenient for tourists booked through Chinese travel agencies to get group visas for their visit to China.

Visa is Needed when tour Hong Kong & Macau?

Residents of most countries, including the United States, Japan and European countries, can enter Hong Kong & Macau without applying for a visa in advance. They are allowed to stay for 90 days in Hong Kong and 30 days in Macau.


Single-Entry & Double-Entry Visa

Chinese Visa

Single-entry China visa are usually valid for 3 months after the issue date, and will permit you to stay in China for a maximum of 30 days. This visa will allow you to travel as a tourist or conduct general business activities. Most people need only to apply for a single-entry.

If you need to leave and re-enter mainland China, you need to apply for double-entry visa. Please keep in mind that, when you leave from Mainland China for Hong Kong and Macau, you will need to have a double-entry visa if you want to re-enter Mainland China.

For example:

If you are an American citizen, and will fly from Los Angeles to Guangzhou first, and then to Hong Kong for a short trip, after that plan to visit Beijing, you need a double-entry visa, namely, one entry from Los Angeles to Guangzhou and another entry from Hong Kong to Beijing.

What is Duration of Each Stay after Entry?

Chinese Visa

Usually, tourist visas are valid for two months, but can be extended for an extra month at the Foreigners Section of the public Security Bureau in each big city in China. If you want to continue traveling in China for more than three months, you will have to leave the country, get a new visa, and come back.

What Type Of Visa Should I Apply For My Group? A Group Visa Or Individual Visa?

Chinese Visa

You should apply for an individual visa. A group visa is usually applicable to an organized group which is arranged by tour companies in the originating country and in China. It requires the tourists to enter and exit the country at the same time as a group, and the Chinese Embassy in your country would ask for a special document that requires an official stamp from the tourism bureau in China. Beijing Holiday does not issue this type of document. Click here to know more about Beijing group tours.

If you lose your passport, you should report immediately to your embassy, as well as tell the public Security Bureau.

Foreigners Section of the Public Security Bureau in Beijing
Add: 2, Ankingmen Dajie
Visa inquires: 84020101

Types of China Visa

There are eight categories of ordinary Chinese visas, which are respectively marked with the letters C, D, F, G, J-1, J-2, L, X and Z.  

China Tourist Visa or L visa: it is the most popular type of Chinese visa, issued to those who visit China for tourist purposes, family visit or other personal matters.

China Business Visa or F visa: It is issued to applicants who are invited to China for business, research, lecture, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, short-term advanced studies or intern practice for a period of no more than six months. 

China Work Visa or Z visa: It is issued to those who are hired by Chinese employers to work in China for an extended period of time, and their accompanying family members.

China Student Visa or X visa: It is issued to applicants who go to China for the purpose of study, advanced studies or intern practice for a period of more than six months.

China Crew Visa or C visa: It is issued to crewmembers on international aviation, navigation and land transportation missions bound for China.

China Transit visa or G Visa: Issued to those who transit through China. American passport holders do not need a transit visa to transit through Beijing International airport if the layover time is less than 24 hours. They can also transit through Pudong International Airport in Shanghai if they stay for less than 48 hours.

Resident Visa or D Visa: Issued to applicant who is to reside permanently in China. Applicants need to get pre-approval from local Chinese authorities.

Journalist Visa or J-1 Visa: Issued to foreign resident correspondents in China.

Journalist Visa (temporary) or J-2 Visa: Issued to foreign correspondents on temporary interview missions in China.

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