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Top 10 Budget Tips – How to Tour Beijing on Budget

There are plenty of ways whiling travelling to SAVE money and time, and still have a good time. Planning your Beijing trip before leaving home, learning how to get around, what to see and where to eat

We are here to get the most out of your time and budget in Beijing. Keep the following Top 10s in your mind.

Note: Many of the money-saving services are not widely known outside the Chinese community and may not provide English service. If so, try getting a Chinese friend to help – people are always keen to practice their English. But avoid the tourist scams.

Free Admission Ticket

1. Free Admission Day

A fantastic budget saving trick is to take the advantage of the “free admission day” at the city’s 13 museums, which award the first 200 visitors free entry every Wednesday. The 13 Museums are: Capital Museum, Xubeihong Museum, Ancient Bell Museum, Beijing Art Museum, Cultural Exchange Museum, Beijing Art Museum of Stone Carvings, Lao She Memorial Hall, Zhengyangmen Gate, Da Jue Temple, White Dagoba Temple, Confucius Temple, Guozijian Musuem, and Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum.

Besides, on May 18, or the International Museum Day, museum-goers also enjoy free entrance.

2. Pass it on! Entrance tickets and Museum Pass

Many sites offer a choice of “access-all-areas” or “single-zone’ tickets. Decide in advance which bits you do and don’t want to see and buy the appropriate ticket at the entrance (Sometimes, it’s much pricier to buy individual ones on the way round).

You can also get student discounts at many venues on presentation of a student card. Not all attractions offer this discount, but it’s always worth asking.

Beijing Museum Pass

Beijing Museums

This wondrous little pass is a godsend for Beijing visitors. For RMB 80, up to three adults can enjoy discounts (half price, three for one, etc, according to the attraction) to nearly all the city’s main museums as well as several temples and cultural sites. This can add up to very big savings.

However, a limited number of these booklets are available between late December and late January each year. They are valid through the entire calendar year and can be bought at main branches of China Post offices or order them by calling 86-10-64177845 (in English).

But stocks run out quickly, so if you know you are coming to Beijing later in the year, perhaps it’s worth arranging for a friend or colleague here to buy one for you.

Airport Express

3. Welcome to Beijing! Upon Arrival!

Don’t make the mistake of running straight for the first airport taxi you see; it’s a fair distance and the meter won’t be a pretty sight at the end. The airport shuttle bus or the subway to downtown will save you a hefty sum.

Your hotel may arrange airport pickups, but if not, ask them which bus to take and where to get off. Some bus drivers speak little English, so be sure to have the name of your hotel written in Chinese and the driver tell you where to alight.

Let us to transfer you to your hotel from the airport at unbeatable price, or check the most detailed info about how to get to downtown from airport.

Hostels in Beijing

4. Getting Orientated!

Park your bags and go check out the area around your hotel. Seek out bus lines in the near vicinity and you may just be able to get to the sites without taking a taxi.

In order to make finding an ideal Beijing hotel deal an easy feat, we've organized Beijing hotels in 5 different ways by: Location, Star-Rating, Prices, Brand, and the best value hotels.

Public Transport in Beijing

5. All Change! Using public transport!

Public transport in Beijing seems a lot more stressful than it actually is, and is a great way to save money. Bus and subway routes in Beijing are clear and logical.Click here to get the detailed info and guide about Beijing bus and Beijing subway.

Chengdu Gaijiaofan Dinner

6. When in “Rome’, Eating Out!

Eat where the locals eat. When you’re in Beijing, Chinese food is always the cheapest. Look for Chengdu Snack Food restaurants which can be seen everywhere in town. They serve cheap and cheerful dumplings, noodles and gaifan.

Street vendors selling all kinds of snacks like Lamb Kebabs and pancake are extremely convenient when you’re on the move.

Click to read the most typical Beijing food

Dancing at Night

7. Low-cost or Free Activities

One of the best ways to see a country is through the eyes of the local people. Night-time dancing in many public squares is a raucous and fun activity that foreigners can get involved in. Check out the Beijing nightlife.

Alternatively, a serene afternoon of kite-flying at Tiananmen Square will thrust you into the middle of local life. If you are lucky enough to be around during the Spring Festival, you shouldn’t miss the traditional temple fair where an eclectic range of foods is available.

Shopping till you drop

8. Shop till you Drop

A lot of “touristy items” are sold throughout the city. You don’t have to buy a souvenir of a tourist site at the lace itself.

In Chinese markets, it is often the late bird that catches the best worms. Vendors offer bigger discounts at the end of the day, so leave shopping until last (then you won’t need to lug it around all day either!).

Bargaining is expected, so make sure to haggle the price down or you’ll be paying over the odds.

Read what and where to shop in Beijing.

Hair Washing in China

9. Let your hair down: relaxing in Beijing

After a long day sightseeing, what better way to unwind than with a massage? Beijing’s massages are first rate and extremely reasonable: for RMB50 you can enjoy an hour-long body or foot massage.

Alternatively, a head wash is a vigorous shampoo and scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Almost all hair salons offer this for around RMB 10-15.

Beijing Walking Tour

10. Bicycle and Walking Tours

Beijing is huge – we can’t repeat that often enough. That said, it is surprisingly easy to visit certain areas by pedal-power alone.

In the very center particularly, many of the main attractions including Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Houhai and the Bell and Drum Towers are all within easy cycling distance from each other.

And an easy stroll links the Lama Temple and Confucius Temple. Cycling and walking will save you money, but more than that, they are really enjoyable ways of truly experiencing the city.

We provide the most popular Beijing bike tourist itineraries, and you can select one and book with us at unbeatable prices.

Have a question about your Beijing trip planning? Simply tell us your travel ideas and we will handle the rest. No deposit is needed until you are totally satisfied with all tour plan details.

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