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Top Hospitals in Beijing

No one wants to get sick or injured when they are in a foreign country either for business, study, or touring, but sometimes these things happen. Where should you go in Beijing if this happens to you?

Beijing is one of the most developed cities of China and the world, so holding to international standards in their medical and health service sector. Western-style health care facilities with international staff are available in this city.

Foreign patients can anticipate the services of English-speaking doctors and nurses in this city.

Below given is a brief description of some of the leading hospitals in Beijing.

1. Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Established in 1921, the Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a hospital affiliated to Peking Union Medical College, a private college set up by the China Medical Board of Rockefeller Foundation. It boasts excellent doctors and advanced medical equipments, where a great amount of patients with difficult and severe diseases have been cured; it has also developed a large quantity of medical talents, and conducted lots of high level medical researches, which all make it play a significant role and enjoy a good reputation in modern medical history in China.

Location: 1 Shuaifuyuan, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 086-10-65296114

2. Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics

China's first U.S.-Sino joint venture international standard hospital network offering a full spectrum of inpatient, outpatient and dental services. We are focused on providing comprehensive and integrated quality medical services for both expatriate and local communities. The hospital is staffed by a team of over 60 internationally trained and certified physicians, surgeons and dentists and supported by a team of bi-lingual nurses, technicians and support staff. 24hr Emergency Room and ICU are staffed by expatriate physicians

Location: No. 2 Jiangtai Lu Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 86-10 6433-3960

3. China-Japan Friendship Hospital

A state-run hospital with a pleasant foreigners' wing. Medical staff speaks English, but don't always have overseas training. Services include general check-ups, internal medicine, pediatric, orthopedics, ENT. Specialist services, such as TCM and dental, may require appointment. On-site pharmacy. Registration RMB 100; pay by cash or credit card. In-patient services require a minimum RMB 10,000 deposit. 80 beds set aside for foreigners. Blood comes directly from China Central Blood Bank.

Location: Yinghua Donglu, Heping Jie, Chaoyang District
Tel: 0086-01-8420 5122

4. Beijing Children's Hospital

Beijing Children's Hospital is a renowned pediatric medical center, equipped with specialized wards 24, 970 beds. The annual patient load more than 210 million patients, three thousand passengers, 13,000 cases of surgery.

Location: 56 Nan Li Shi Lu, Xi Cheng District, Beijing
Tel: 86-10-6802-8401

5. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a pioneer in providing traditional Chinese treatments and the hospital is affiliated to Capital University of Medicine Sciences (Beijing Hospital of TCM). This was established in 1956 and is conducting medical treatment, scientific research as well as teaching. The hospital is world famous for treating many diseases like hepatitis, rheumatism, ulcer, cerebrovascular disease, psoriasis, sore, eczema, and peripheral angiopathy. The hospital is operating world class training and teaching centers in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and massage.

Location: No.23 Back Road of ArtGallery,Dong Cheng Dist.Beijing
Tel: 0086-01-52176677

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