Ming Tombs Beijing

Ming Tombs Beijing 5 star
a UNESCO world heritage site, Tombs for 13 emperors of Ming Dynasty, Sacred Way, Dingling Tomb, Changling Tomb

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Juyongguan Great Wall Beijing

Juyongguan Great Wall Beijing 5 star
Listed as the World Heritage Directory, nearest section to Beijing, not only a military stronghold, but also a beautiful scenic spot

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Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing

Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing 5 star
a UNESCO world heritage site and Chinese historical marvel, famous for the breath-takingly beautiful scenery, less crowded than the Badaling Great Wall, own a world-class cable car

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Sacred Way of Ming Tombs Beijing

Sacred Way of Ming Tombs Beijing5 star
the way leading to Changling Tomb, lined with carved stone animals and human figures, best preserved one at the Ming Tombs

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Beijing National Stadium

Beijing National Stadium Tour/Bird Nest5 star
Features: new landmark of China and Beijing, designed as the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, opened as a tourist attractions now, shaped as a 'bird', world's largest steel structure

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Beijing National Aquatic Center

Chinese National Aquatic Center/Beijing Water Cube Tour5 star
new symbol of China and Beijing City, National Aquatics Center for 2008 Olympics, awarded as the most accomplished work in terms of Atmosphere section in 2004, 40th annual MacRobert Award in 2009

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Dingling Tomb of Ming Tombs

Dingling Tomb Tour5 star
the only one of the Ming Dynasty Tombs to have been excavated, the tomb of the Wanli Emperor, an intact tomb with thousands of items of silk, textiles, wood, porcelain, and the skeletons of the Wanli Emperor and his two empresses

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Beijing Changling Tomb

Beijing Changling Tomb Tour5 star
the chief of the Ming Tombs: largest in scale and best preserved, tomb of Emperor Zhudi, Ming Tombs was originally built only as Changling

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